In an industry that demands constant vigilance, relying on outdated and subjective risk management practices can be the most dangerous threat to your business. As a risk leader, you understand the dangers of siloed risk assessments and the potential consequences of non-compliance with regulations. Built by risk managers, for risk managers, SRA Watchtower utilizes a holistic approach to risk management, offering a comprehensive view of your organization’s risk profile, and empowering you to make data-driven decisions and mitigate risks before they become crises. Watchtower thinks just like you—simplifying the aggregation of information, making risk management more efficient and effective, and ensuring that you’re able to turn risk into opportunity.

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Team of veteran bankers and former regulators, all accomplished in strategy, credit risk, finance and compliance, understood there was a profound need for new business management solutions following the Great Recession.


To help institutions aggregate risk and performance data they knew technology was key to offering critical insights and monitoring to help manage risk and performance in a fast-paced environment. SRA Watchtower was born.

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In order to focus and grow our SaaS side of the business and invest in the Watchtower software solution, SRA Consulting was divested creating a separate business in 2023.


Today, SRA Watchtower's holistic risk intelligence platform enables financial institutions to remain consistently safe, sound and meet strategic objectives, so they may drive shareholder value and the vitality of their communities.

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