Fintech risk maturity Framework

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Industry landscape

Nearly two-thirds of banks and credit unions entered at least one FinTech partnership over the past three years, and 35% made an investment in a FinTech. Of those that haven’t partnered or invested, 37% plan to partner with a FinTech, and 18% expect to make an investment. If you are looking to expand your FinTech partnerships, make certain your financial institution is ready to manage these unique relationships.

Regulatory Reaction

Regulators are directly involved in the FinTech partnerships being established across the industry. Comprehensive upfront due diligence and risk-based monitoring programs are required for regulatory support. Our team of in house experts help provide expertise and guidance utilizing our proven risk maturity framework, focused on managing FinTech risk. The FRB, FDIC, and OCC have issued joint guidance around conducting due diligence on financial technology companies and will hold FIs accountable for the actions or issues related to their FinTech partners. SRA Watchtower can help you be prepared!

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why implement a Fintech Risk Framework?

Implementing a FinTech Risk Framework ensures your FinTech relationships appropriately support the strategic and financial goals of the Financial Institution. It should document an initial assessment and measure ongoing performance of the banks FinTech Partners. The scope of the overall risk program is dependent on the potential risk of each individual Fintech to the Financial Institution. The benefits of implementing the FinTech Risk Management Framework, powered by Watchtower are...

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Simple, easy to use.  stand up & completed in days.

SRA Watchtower customers can easily map a partner’s current state, track changes, view historical results,
and access powerful workflow capabilities to manage FinTech risk.

Communicates to Board & Executive team
on your current risk maturity level

Facilitates management of
risk improvement activities
Encourages risk maturity conversations
at the Board level

Supports Development of a FinTech
Risk Program Improvement Roadmap
Informs regulators on your FinTech risk management maturity progress and supports regulatory compliance

Allows for peer comparison
benchmarking in future state

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